Michael Moppin Serigraph Poster

This poster advertises the 16th Annual Gallery walk & Art for the People, art events in Harrisburg, PA. The ad was produced by artist Michael Moppin of Artboyproducts.com. The design features stylized Chinese characters riding on back of a tiger. The two-color poster saves the client money, yet the design is eyecatching and quite busy. Flat planes of color contrast with areas filled with decorative motifs as in Japonisme. There is no sense of 3 dimensional modeling. Only line, shape, color, and text are components of this composition. The blocky text used for the headline is very legible.

Michael Moppin, 41, of Harrisburg, PA, runs Art Boy Products—freelance illustration and design services. According to his biography, “he is the visionary behind the ‘Art is Freedom’ movement, a grassroots effort that celebrates the spirit of creativity, promotes emerging artists, and helps support (Harrisburg’s) art scene.” Moppin describes his style as “Technicolor Soul Pop.” He notes his influences are Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, as well as his “cartoon filled youth, alternative and mainstream comic books, psychedelic poster art,” etc.

Michael Moppin’s Facebook Profile Pic:

Check out the Art Boy Products website:


About abel0036

I am a third term Graphic Design student at The Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania. Beyond a continuing exploration of electronic design, applications, and creative process, I also specialize in drawing, oil, and watercolor media.
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