Japanese Influence; Jetfire Transformer Part II

I am now attempting to post a portion of the images that did not post in my first attempt.

SR-71 Blackbird is the basis for the overhaul for the Transformer movies...a pivotal change as the Blackbird is an American spy plane conceived in the 1960's. It is no longer in service since satellites do the same job now more safely.Note, the old jetfire is based on the Macross VF-1 and is pictured below. The new version of Jetfire based on the SR-71 Blackbird.

This is the old jetfire based on the
Macross VF-1. Below, is the new version of Jetfire based on the Blackbird.

Jetfire; Revenge of the Fallen.


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I am a third term Graphic Design student at The Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania. Beyond a continuing exploration of electronic design, applications, and creative process, I also specialize in drawing, oil, and watercolor media.
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